..with friends, during the weekend in Alice’s Wonderland, Berlin.

constantly missing the smell, taste and wind on my lips..

Sounds of the waves, smell of the raging water, sand in the air and taste of the salt in mouth. Sunday minimal seaside trip.

From time to time traveling brings simple encounters to new levels and dimensions – this time thanks to Janek – The Butcher, who’s story about bloody bath at the butchery will remain in my mind till the end of my days.

..magpie on the top of the lonely tree is looking east with desire to catch first signs of the spring.

Another edition of Restaurant Day in Poznan gave us explosion of tastes of the East – as always perfectly prepared by teams of MISIETUPODOBA, WYPAS and Ciuchy&Ciacha. Vegan & Vegetarian, healthy, Delicious! Perfect!

Atist’s works are enlightened with femininity and surrealism, leaving questions about nowadays woman’s identity. Worth to percept, worth to visit ‘Galeria Pod Schodami”, Poznan.

Yummy Cake vs Cat’s Whiskers! Glam, sparks, sex and musical electro clash punk violence – fueled by absent minded VJ from Cat’s Whiskers made this evening/night/morning spectacular – for everyone there or just us!

Domowe Melodie had created amazing and very magical time during the performance at Dragon’s MDK. Among the snowflakes, way back home was dreamy..

An on Bast and Maciej Fortuna dit it once again! At Youth Art Festival 2012 Poznan for about a hour the time and space folded among audience and An’s and Maciej’s sounds. New compositions were the phenomenal transcription of Krzysztof Penderecki’s film compositions [The Saragossa Manuscript, Ciphers] and parts of Third String Quartet. This evening was more than extraordinary.