..into the mist.

Among the An’s electronic compositions and Maciej’s magical trumpet sounds audience was enlightened, trilled and chilled during the extraordinary concert at SPOT in Poznan, Poland. It was one of the evenings we call delightful.

“… and the sea will grant each man new hope, as sleep brings dreams of home”

Thanks to invitation of An on Bast and Le K [Unbirthday], City Inside Art [Anna Suda, Joanna Tomczak, Filip Szymczak, Mateusz Radź] was shooting among other photographers during magnificent weekend in Plock, Poland, during AudioRiver Festival 2012. What happens in Plock-AudioRivers stays in Plock-AudioRiver! Thank you my Friends for best festival weekend ever!

Maja Stroiwas is responsible for magical photography evening at Concordia Design, where local photographers and audience gathered in literary hot atmosphere among the photographs and emotions. During the Stereotyp exhibition we were lucky to have a contact with works of: Adam Ciereszko, Paweł Młodkowski, Aleksandra Miśkiewicz, Mateusz Karatysz, Sonia Firlej, Paweł Łabuńko, Kamil Musiej, Justyna Zduńczyk, Katarzyna Piwecka, Tomasz Haczyk, Agata Schiller, Karol Wysmyk, Piotr Pietryga.

Thank you Maja for taking us for amazing very personal trip!

journey after journey, interesting single-serving friends, days and hours melted in waiting for arrival/departure. shadows replicated in reflections, constant deja vu.

tepmeratures over 35’C makes the Saturday’s afternoon stuffed with happy emotions

Teatr Bez VAT is working very hard to prepare a new play Od Nowa(II) which is going to strike within few weeks at WSNHiD, Poznan.

an evening at the magical theater conducted by a friend – magical atmosphere of the workshop erupted emotions and creativity.