..where reality is disappearing and the lights and movement plotting new landscapes.

Teatr Bez VAT has a new beginning! The new headquarter established in Wyższa Szkoła Nauk Humanistycznych i Dziennikarstwa, exclusive spectators, fresh new actors gave an expanded dimension to the  pre premiere play ‘OD NOVA (II). We are waiting impatiently for the incoming premiere and next productions of the Teatr Bez VAT’s team!



Saturday evening brought a new dimension of cultural taste as well as creative cooperation – thanks to ArtWatch Project at YES Gallery, conducted by Anna&Ewa [the co-owners of Black Hog Studio] and Bartosz and Pawel [the co-owners of Neostudio Architects].



11.11.11 11.11pm – magical date, magical time with musicians from We Love and City Inside Art Kollective at extraordinary place SPOT.

Neostudio Architects  is one of the most innovative architecture brands in Poznan, Poland. The Team is leaded by two individualists Bartosz Jarosz and Pawel Swierkowski, who’s fresh look at the use of urban space, sensitivity and contemporary minimalism  making Neostudio project’s very special, very emotional. Yesterday at the new Library of University of Adam Mickiewicz Bartosz and Pawel conducted the lecture about design and investment process.

The cultural and emotional consciousness of the society is widely visible on our streets, sidewalks, in parks and shopping malls. During the regular daily basis tasks..sadly mine was raped once again by act of vandalism, seen at the Old Town of Poznan where the photography exposition of strong and brave women, who won the deadly fight with breast cancer, was destroyed by narrow minded  locals. What was the cause: Nudity, Inconvenient  Truth, Lack of Empathy ? Another photo exposition of the construction of new highway remains intact.

November 1st..memories hunting like ghosts, sounds covered by fog, vision overexposed by sun beams..

Sun affects our lifes as well as a perfect companionship – combined together makes them the marvelous time and space folding machine.



Yestarday, among the sand and freaking cold and wind spent few hours shooting and thinking about Solaris [by Stanislaw Lem] – a book which changed his perspective many times in the past and will change it many times in the future..