Tadeusz Piotrowski (1940 – July 10, 1986) Amazing neighbour – helpful Friend of my family. The photo story about life, passion and brave was prepared by his wife Danuta and is available at Pommeranian Library in Szczecin, Poland.

A Polish mountaineer and author of several books related to the subject. Tadeusz has been referred to as “perhaps the finest winter mountaineer of his day”.

His career started in the 1960s in Poland’s Tatra Mountains, around the time when he was a student at the Szczecin University of Technology. He would go on to become one of the leading Polish mountaineers, known worldwide as a winter climbing specialist. He was one of the earliest mountaineers to specialize in winter climbing.

His best known climbs, usually first along the given path, and most of them in winter, include: TrollryggenNorway in winter 1972, Noshaq,Afghanistan in winter 1973, Trollryggen, Norway in winter 1974, Trollryggen, Norway in winter 1977, Tirich Mir, Afghanistan in 1978, Rakaposhi,Pakistan in 1979, Distaghil Sar, Pakistan in 1980, ApiNepal in winter 1983 and K2 in China/Pakistan in summer 1986.

In 1974, his climbing companion, Stanisław Latałło, died on Lhotse; whether Piotrowski could have helped him caused some controversy among Polish mountaineers. In 1983, Piotrowski directed the winter ascent on Api Mountain (7132 meters above sea level), and reached its peak onChristmas Eve. He was accompanied by Andrzej Bieluń, who climbed at the head, and was lost, assumed dead near the top of the mountain.

Piotrowski died on 10 July 1986. Two days previously he had finished – with Jerzy Kukuczka – the first ascent of the South Face of K2 (also called the “Polish Line”) – a very difficult and dangerous route which was threatened by seracs and had been called “suicidal” by Reinhold Messner. “The route is so avalanche-prone, that no one else has ever considered a new attempt.”  It was during the descent by a classic route (the Abruzzi Spur) that he lost both his crampons and fell to his death at the height of around 7900 meters, following two exhausting stopovers at the wall with no food or water. The route Piotrowski and Kukuczka climbed remains unrepeated. 

For his mountaineering successes, Tadeusz Piotrowski became a four-time recipient of the highest sports medal in Poland, the Gold Medal for the Exceptional Sporting Achievements.

Last Friday – 07.10.2011, had magnificent evening among etheric sounds, voices of  the Crew of CityInsideArt.pl – short photo story will be published officially soon at their website.

..nothing more to say – I love this city, the only one which I can truely assume as my culture homeland! and as always days full of surprises and culture highs w/ amazing people! thank you An, Jil, Viki and the rest of the party crew!

October 1st – Saturday..somewhere among interesting tattoo artists, colorful explosions and discussions about destiny.

Marcel – The Contrabass Artist, Magdalena Milecka and I spent pleasant Sunday in one of the most magnificent places in Poznan – at Dragon Pub and somewhere above everything..

coffee, friends from the timeline and photography talks – some of them were posted today in Abandoned Planet and Street categories.

In cooperation with Magdalena Milecka new photo story project was born last week The FlashCat Project. Rapid result, the first offspring was born: The Lucid Dream of Magda.



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..sometimes when you focus for an unexpected long time invisible rays are burning your mind.