Few months ago I was invited to be a part of annual exhibition during TIFF 2015 Festival in Wroclaw, Poland. It was a big surrprise to be in and much bigger pleasure to be exposed among the very recognizable group of Polish photographers. The exhibition is open until 11.10.2015, if you are close to BWA Gallery in Wroclaw it is definitely worth to spend some time there.

“The exhibition is a survey of the attitudes of photographers focused on the medium and its surroundings. Every artist is presented through a single photograph. The exhibition takes the form of an “exquisite corpse” or a surreal game of conveying the picture to another artists, which is further interpreted and finalized. The exhibition is a tribute to the deceased in 2014 Jerzy Lewczyński, the doyen of Polish photography and the author of the “Anthology of Polish photography”. The catalogue of exquisite corpse is a kind of addition and update to the anthology released 20 years ago. “Exquisite corpse” is a review of what is interesting in Polish photography today. A kind of “pill”, which effect, through the use of surrealistic algorithm is unpredictable both for the participants, organizers and curator. Exquisite corpse is also a kind of farewell and drawing conclusions from the condition of the medium that may have died a natural death, dematerializing before our eyes.” – TIFF FESTIVAL 2015 WROCLAW


Rural Polish Landscape


..on the journey between reality and dreams.

It’s been a while since the group exhibition I was invited last year in NYC. Here it is a short picture story review apparently the official printed documentation, sent to CT address. Sorry I was a way too silent for a while here but promise to give you more frequent updates about current and incoming projects and exhibits! cheers!




digital photography leads to instant results, when curiosity and awaiting is deeply forgotten – and suddenly I’ve found once again old path I followed years ago. analogue.

the search for new experiences and challenges brought me back to analogue path once again – you may expect new series coming soon thanks to medium format affection.

last friday I was acting as a executive producer and backstage journalist while my friends were shooting video material for playground promo dedicated to TommyFourSeven’s Playground series – my video interpretation will be available soon. stay sharp!

few days ago, when the humidity and temperature were dancing in extreme way, the musicians of a new Fortuna‘s project decided to climb on one of the buildings in Poznan – the result of the session between jam session is right here. now.